Klankschaalmassage 4

In this last advanced course you will learn various techniques to complete the soundhealer education. Additional methods come to pass in order to give a deep relaxation besides giving a singing bowl massage. In this last course you will learn how to give a polarity massage with singing bowls.

For refreshments, lunch, workbook, necessary tools and supplies are provided.
During the course there are plenty of bowls available to work with.
After completion you will receive a certificate of participation and the possibility of buying bowls and / or other sound instruments and accessories.
Of course you can bring your own singing bowls, but clearly marke so you can always recognize them again.

2 days, 10.00 - 17.00 hrs
Course fee: € 205, - p.p.
Maximum of 6 people.

Check the calendar if you want to join. You can register using the registration form.

At the end of these four courses one is able to apply a singing bowls massage in the various fields of application.