Klankschaalmassage 2

In the second advanced course we will get to know how to work in the aura en to feel the aura. By using the gong and singing bowls you are able to cleanse the aura, so you will be more in balance. The chakra's will be more defined in this course and explained. Also one gets taught various techniques to further deepen the singing bowl massage.

For refreshments, lunch, workbook, necessary tools and supplies are provided.
During the course there are plenty of bowls available to work with.
After completion you will receive a certificate of participation and the possibility of buying bowls and / or other sound instruments and accessories.
Of course you can bring your own singing bowls, but clearly marke so you can always recognize them again.

2 days, 10.00 - 17.00 hrs
Course fee: € 205, - p.p.
Maximum of 6 people.

Check the calendar if you want to join. You can register using the registration form.